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No degree further!

The Green IT Deal

Fridays For Future is back in the headlines with this demand – and tailwind. According to the global school strike movement, climate change is as acute a crisis as COVID-19. One thing is clear: The pressure to reduce CO2 emissions has grown significantly throughout the economy. By 2050, net emissions of greenhouse gases in Europe should be reduced to zero and our continent should become climate-neutral. That's what the EU's Green Deal wants to achieve. For logistics, this means the following: Supply chains need to be more environmentally friendly. 

Restaurants and catering shut down, parties and events canceled

Thirsting for Predictability

The effects of the coronavirus crisis have been particularly challenging for the beverage industry. What options are available for quickly adapting current delivery processes and structures to this extraordinary situation? How can a long-term reduction in distribution costs be achieved? And how will it be possible to still earn money under such conditions?

When replacement parts are needed to keep a business running

There’s no Replacement for Supply Chain Resilience

When replacement parts are needed to keep a business running, time is of the essence. For farmers who need to harvest their crops in the span of a few precious days, having a quick and reliable supply of equipment parts is actually of existential importance. But what happens when a crisis disrupts the supply chain? 

How the drive to digital can benefit your business

It’s all starting to click

The time has come for technology skeptics to finally get off the fence. “The coming years will usher in a digital decade like nothing we’ve seen before,” predicts Oliver J. Süme, Chair of the Board at the Internet Industry Association eco. Embracing digital technology is absolutely essential for every company and business model.

Are you ready for the digital transformation?

The 5-point check

As a logistics specialist, what is your understanding of the digital transformation? Are you ready for technological change? Or are you still a work in progress?

How to Engineer Our Best Possible Future

What if …?

Back to business as usual? Regardless of how or even whether we’ve settled back into our old routines after the coronavirus shock, the pandemic offers us an opportunity to reshuffle the deck. I’m now seeing customers and business partners in re-invent mode.

Why the Pandemic Is a Game-Changer in the Logistics Industry

Learning by Doing Digitally:

Do we still need offices? Are business trips necessary? I’ve witnessed a profound change of heart in my recent conversations with customers and business partners. As we all adopt new ways of working amid the coronavirus outbreak, we’re discovering: “This actually works!” In many cases, it actually works better than ever before.

What influence does the Digital Twin have on the supply chain

New top decision-maker in logistics:

Supply chains are sensitive. They are vulnerable to strikes, weather disasters, pandemics. The larger the network of suppliers and production partners, the more influencing factors determine the performance of the supply quality. How can reliable decisions be made at all on the basis of this permanent volatility?

What those of us in logistics can learn from US companies

Just think about the customer

Customer habits can be hard to understand. Sometimes they queue for hours to get their hands on a hot product. Other times they seem not to care about the first-class services and solutions that a company has to offer. Why is this?

What makes it the new superstar of logistics?

The digital twin

Successful logistics experts are looking to the future. They are constantly developing their portfolio of services, adapting it dynamically to customer requirements and keeping a close eye on possible risks. More and more frequently, they are turning to a virtual consultant whose talent is enabling it to position itself as a rising superstar in the field of logistics: the digital twin.

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