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Cross-enterprise collaboration and transparency

For logistics to run smoothly, all involved parties must be able to communicate efficiently and share information seamlessly. This is often achieved by deploying stand-alone solutions, each designed to meet a specific set of requirements.

Our Control Tower solutions replace stand-alone solutions with a centralized, cloud-based collaboration platform. Control Tower solutions integrate easily into existing system environments, facilitate cross-enterprise communication, and serve as a link between systems and players within the supply chain.

From pickup orders and delivery notes to waybills and labels: all the documents you need for inbound and outbound transportation operations can be generated and transmitted through the platform. The solution also streamlines billing processes and rollouts.



Our contribution to digitalization in logistics: With over 500,000 users, our Collaboration Platform AX4 is one of the world's leading cloud solutions for cross-company cooperation and visibility in SCM networks. It makes it possible to integrate all partners and systems easily and flexibly into logistics processes and to make processes transparent throughout. This is how the virtual and physical worlds merge along your supply chain.

The benefit for you?

With AX4, you can significantly improve the quality of information in your network. This enables you to plan more efficiently and reduce transportation costs. The availability of information for all process participants at any time provides better decision-making foundations, allowing you to mitigate risks and increase the reliability of your supply chain.

Benefits for inbound logistics

Greater consolidation potential through transportation preview and allocation of shipments to the appropriate carrier

End-to-end visibility of shipping process and anticipated arrival times, including tracking down to the level of material number

Easy searchability and quick response times thanks to early and proactive escalation of deviations from the milestone-based rule process

Support for various logistics strategies such as early goods receipt by supplier

Support for self-billing

Benefits for outbound logistics

Automatic transmission of consignment data to linked carriers

Flexible options for carriers to report tracking data

End-to-end transparency through centralized, cross-site tracking dashboard for all shipments

Easy searchability and quick response times thanks to early, proactive escalation of deviations from the milestone-based standard process (event management)

Easy analysis of shipping volumes (calls for bids/tenders, etc.)

Verification of incoming freight invoices based on actual completed shipments

Support for self-billing (regarding service providers and allocation to internal cost centers)

Greater customer satisfaction thanks to better information flow

Benefits for logistics service providers

Standardized communication for better management of complex supply chains

Consignment consolidation based on smart rules and structures for fewer empty runs and shorter lead times

Improved fleet utilization and vehicle loads

Freight cost calculation, freight cost auditing, self-billing procedure (proven to reduce freight costs by up to 8 percent)

Greater transparency for transportation services through validated data across all modes of transportation



In the area of Supply Chain Collaboration & Execution, our Control Tower solutions harness state-of-the-art technology to deliver the flexibility and scalability needed for operational supply chain management through the following modules:

Purchase Order Management

At last: complete order consolidation

The Purchase Order Management module controls procurement networks with suppliers and carriers and automates everything from release orders and pickup planning to the actual pickup.

Comprehensive integration of all players, such as suppliers, carriers, warehouses, production facilities, and real-time transmission of order data to suppliers yields a holistic view of each unique order situation. Purchase Order management is centralized: from the order confirmation of suppliers and the addition of shipping instructions to the creation of delivery notes and the provision of a transportation management platform for pickup orders.

Seamlessly monitor order fulfillment with end-to-end milestone monitoring, and generate all necessary transport documents including labels and waybills.

Purchase Order management creates, controls, and monitors logistics orders!

Transportation Management

The Transportation Management module handles transportation orders from various data sources and formats, validating the data and allocating the orders to the appropriate units. The module also consolidates shipments, assigns tracking information, and imports or generates the accompanying print documents.

Milestone plans are used to control and monitor multimodal transportation. For detailed information and more precise predictions of the estimated time of arrival (ETA), real-time position data from partner platforms within the Siemens Digital Logistics partner ecosystem can be optionally integrated.

The module records tracking data across service providers through an API, web account, or mobile app. It also lets you issue cross-enterprise status updates and search shipments by reference data.

Recurring tasks in the process are automated: time- or event-triggered actions monitor transportation processes and notify all parties involved whenever any deviations occur.

Transportation Management gives you transportation visibility and saves unnecessary transportation!

Appointment Management

Say goodbye to unnecessary wait times

The Appointment Management module helps manage incoming vehicles during loading and unloading. Reserve, book, or release time slots and link them to shipments with the click of a mouse. Control and untangle traffic flows in advance using templates and differentiated time slot windows of 60/90/120 minutes, etc. Add extra information such as vehicle type or driver at any time.

The software runs plausibility checks and validates the mandatory freight documents before booking a time slot. It also looks at specific parameters and specifications such as if a freight crane is needed or other special cargo requirements. This is particularly helpful when managing hazardous goods.

Appointment Management saves time and makes life easier for shippers, drivers, and recipients alike!

Freight Cost Settlement

Freight cost transparency

The Freight Cost Settlement module calculates and assigns freight costs to individual shipments based on factors such as volume or time, allowing precise allocation to customers or cost centers.

Invoices and credits are automatically generated based on data such as shipping volumes, distance, transport modes, or ancillary services. Expected invoice amounts are checked against actual invoice amounts. If discrepancies are found, the invoices are automatically flagged for dispute.

Freight information is also automatically generated on the basis of the contracts and can then be used to for bids/tenders. Auditing and approval processes can be fully customized. Account assignment is automated for financial accounting, for both in-house or external. This makes it possible to define and apply even the most complex rates in a single system.

Freight Cost Settlement – plausible, customizable, automated!

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